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Wayne Stokes Forex Signals Review 2013

9 out of 10 Forex signals sellers will help you to LOSE your money.
Forex is the multi-billion dollar industry, so no surprise that there are plenty of FX traders offering their services. Some of them are good, others… well, let’s say they just want your money – at any price.

Wayne Stokes Forex signals review

Con artists know how to gain your trust, so don’t be surprised if you fall for their promises and lies. It is NOT your fault!

Wayne Stokes Forex Signal Services – Huge Promises… Poor results!

Big claim #1: “Have you ever wondered how you can increase your income and have those things that have always been just out of your reach”.
Apparently DONNAFOREX forum members who bought Forex signals in 2012 claim that they LOST significant amount of money following signals of this provider – click here to read more)

Big claim #2: “Free proven trading strategies that do work long and short term”…
Unfortunately trading strategies don’t work as can be seen on MyFXBook page – click here to check verified results .
Wayne Stokes claimed that the system has been tested for 12 months.

Big claim #3: “Free advice anytime you want it by email or phone, we will be there to help you”
Expect to receive fast response before you buy Forex signals, but no response for days when you ask for refund.

Big claim #4: “I seriously can’t believe we are releasing our own personal money-making system, but I’m so excited to help thousands of people secure their own financial future!”
Unfortunately signal service members lost money trading. Wayne Stokes and Dave Birch were the only people who made profit – of their FX signal service member fees.
Before you buy Forex signals from others, make sure to check verified results or you may lose money too.

forex signals service


forex signal services

Big claim #5: “you can enjoy the same rewards”…

“you can enjoy the same rewards”

Sadly, members who paid membership fees and followed trading signals provided by Wayne Stokes and Dave Birch ‘enjoyed’ significant losses.

Wayne Stokes FX trading proven performance
Losses, losses…
Review Wayne Stokes Forex signals

But how about 2013?

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Wayne Stokes Forex Signals review
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Spotting A Forex Scam
Beginner Forex traders are often considered to be an easy target for Forex scammers. They take advantage of traders seeking the magic answer to winning in the Forex markets.

A popular modern-day scam is the Forex signal seller. Many of these people simply collect money from a certain amount of traders and disappear. They usually close their old site and open a new one under a different name. Some will recommend a good trade now and then, so you continue paying. Their system will generate random buy and sell signals. This will cause unsuspecting traders to do nothing more than gamble.

Forex signal scammers often they work in pairs. If new subscriber finds out about FX signal seller's past failures, the scammer usually blames former partners for providing bad signals.
Unsuspecting subscribers often believe their lies so continue paying...
Don't be an easy target!